BERG TECH is a value-add distributor focusing on solutions where expertise and support in deals are important.

We help software vendors to find their ways to partners and customers in Central Asia, the Caucasus and Mongolia.

We provide our partners with high-level services to help them start and successfully develop their business.

  • Assistance in partners’ education: trainings for sales and pre-sales specialists
  • Co-marketing: joint activities to promote partners' offers to their clients
  • Tech expertise: consulting and joint meetings with customers; supporting pilot projects at customer's site; technical support
  • Financing (credit facilities, hedging, factoring) and logistics services
  • Sales automation: B2b-portal for self-service

We do not sell directly to end users; we sell strictly through partners.

We are attentive to partners’ wishes, focusing on ongoing improvement of our procedures, communication tools and product portfolio.

We provide our vendors with end-to-end services to bring products & services to market, that include:

  • Channel recruitment, education, and support
  • Contract and payment logistics
  • Opportunity management
  • Virtual demo infrastructure and demo equipment
  • Financial services
  • Compliance
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